3 Tips to Manage a School Staffing Budget

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Managing a school budget is a challenging and often thankless job when difficult decisions need to be made. But it's one of the most important jobs within a school -- ensuring students have the teachers, staff, and supplies they need is crucial to their education. Making staffing cuts can be one of the most undesirable parts [...]

What Exactly Does a Hearing Screening Involve?

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Health screenings at school are one of the most important services schools can provide for their students. This is especially true seeing as how 20% of teenagers have some level or form of hearing loss, which is a 30% higher rate than teens in the 1980s and 90s. Fortunately, hearing screenings at school can help detects [...]

Daddy Daughter Hair Foundation: Taking Father-Daughter Bonding To The Salon

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Childrens' needs at home and at school are so variable that keeping track is a formidable task. The allegiance between teachers and parents to look out for student needs in both environments is paramount to a safe, positive developmental environment. For a moment, we're going to step outside the formal classroom. Leaving aside school budget plans [...]

Why Are School Nurses So Important?

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There are a lot of different positions that make up a public school workforce: teachers, counselors, speech therapists, and more. But one position that is often underappreciated is that of a school nurse. School nurses provide invaluable services to students and staff at schools. But many schools don't have nurses on campus to perform important tasks [...]

Differences Between School Psychologists and Guidance Counselors

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There are a lot of different positions that make up a school workforce: teachers, nurses, and speech therapists are just a few of the many crucial positions in schools. Two additional positions that are essential to the school workforce, but are often confused with each other, are guidance counselors and school psychologists. Many schools employ counselors, [...]

How Can Outsourcing Nurse Positions Be Beneficial to Schools?

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When budgets are cut and staff reductions are necessary, many school districts begin to explore different educational staffing possibilities. While no district wants to lose any of their school workforce, it's important to think about what is best for the school as a whole. One solution that provides a happy outcome for everyone is outsourcing. More [...]

Importance of Hearing Tests in School-Age Children

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Schools provide a lot of beneficial services to children. From core classes to extracurricular activities, students get support in a wide variety of fields. However, one often underrated area of support schools provide is sensory screening. Annual vision and hearing screenings are absolutely crucial, especially for young children. With 20% of teenagers having some level of [...]

Understanding the Nationwide Teacher Shortage

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Teachers and school staff members have some of the most important jobs in the world. They are responsible for helping teach and shape the children who will someday be in charge of running the country. Despite their importance, teachers are often underpaid and underappreciated. Over the past few years, the United States has seen a drastic [...]

4 Reasons Schools Should Utilize Staffing Agency Services

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When faced with budget cuts and a tight job market, schools may struggle to effectively fill necessary staff positions. Fortunately, school staffing agencies can help with that. By choosing to work with a staffing agency, schools can save time, money, and valuable resources. Let's take a look at some other benefits schools can reap from utilizing [...]