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United Testing Service can provide professionals for your school while working within your school’s budget. Highly qualified personnel at a reasonable price.

  • Guidance Counselors

  • School Nurses

  • Special Education Teachers

  • Reading Specialists

  • Speech Therapists

  • School Psychologists

  • Occupational Therapists

With flexible scheduling, you can have the professionals you need as little as one day a week or full-time. Reasonable salaries with payment schedules structured to meet your budgetary needs. With all professionals background checked, licensed or certified and insured, the school principal need only interview and decide which candidate would be a good fit for their school.

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Why should you use United Testing Service to staff positions at your school?

Save Time And Money For Your School

It takes time to find the right person.  This means if you dedicate a member of your staff to do the hiring, there are other things they won’t be doing.  By using our staffing services, we have already found the candidates and completed any background, licensing and certification checks leaving your staff open to carry on other tasks.  

In addition to saving time, you will also be saving money! Using our staffing services allows you to find the perfect professional within your budget for the exact time requirements as necessary for your school.     

  Gives Your School Flexibility

We understand that budgets and staff requirements are constantly changing.  That is why our as-needed staffing solutions work perfectly for schools.  We work with your school’s specific needs to make sure you have the best professionals for the price that you need for the amount of time required.

Reach More Qualified Potential Candidates Who Fit the Personality of Your School

The job market is tight and many schools have a hard time finding good candidates for open positions.  Our company conducts extensive searches to find qualified school staff across the United States to work at positions when they are needed and keep them in our system for future jobs.  This means, your trained specialist is ready to start when we begin working together.   

Increase Efficiency

Our specialists are ready to start working immediately.  This means you can expect staff members who are already certified for their position and trained.  Your school will save time and money by minimizing the onboarding process and  and you can rest assured that your new staff member is safe for both the children and adults they are working with.

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United Testing Service, Inc., has been the leading provider of services to parochial, private and charter schools across the country for over 50 years. United Testing Service was created to meet the need for quality early intervention by offering professional services to schools nationwide. With its staff of exceptionally qualified and experienced professionals, UTS is uniquely suited to provide for the needs of any school population.

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