Screening for potential vision and hearing problems is particularly important for school-age children. Problems with vision or hearing can not only impact a child’s ability to learn in school, but impact their every day lives. Fortunately, most schools offer sensory screening assessments. But why are these assessments so important? Let’s take a look at a few reasons why children need hearing and vision screenings at school.


They can help detect problems early: One of the biggest benefits regular vision and hearing screenings can offer is that they can help detect problems early on. When students have hearing sensory screening assessments at school, the trained specialists performing the test can look for warning signs of potential problems, like ringing in the ears or light sensitivity. Noticing these warning signs sooner rather than later is key to detecting problems in a timely manner.


Students know when to go to a doctor: Student nurses can play an integral role in ensuring students and their parents know when a doctor visit is necessary. If a child doesn’t visit a doctor on a regular basis, then school nurses can look for issues during the sensory screening assessments. If issues are found, the nurse can then communicate with the parents of the child regarding their concerns. Once parents are aware of the results of the assessment, they can then make the necessary doctor appointments.


Not all parents take their kids for assessments: Unfortunately, not all parents take their children to get sensory screening assessments when they should. In fact, according to recent studies, 79% of children haven’t seen an eye care provider over the past 12 months. Regular physicals and check-ups are important for students of all ages. But if their parents don’t take them, then they may be showing signs of potential problems that no one can see. This is why school screening tests are so important. School nurses and other staff can play a key role in ensuring students are getting the medical attention they need.


As you can see, there are several reasons why screening assessments are important in school. So if your child is in school, make sure you know the details of their sensory screenings.