Schools have to hire a wide variety of staff members — while teachers make up half of the public school workforce, the other 50% of the staff consists of positions like nurses, speech therapists, and guidance counselors. And unfortunately, it’s not always easy to find the right people to fill the positions of school staff. This is why so many schools choose to work with an educational staffing company. If you’re wondering what education staffing agencies do, keep reading for more information.

So, what is an educational staffing agency? A staffing agency works with both employers and people looking for work to fill open positions. They help schools manage their staffing to fit inside the budget plan and ensure they have the right school staff to work with their students.

If a staffing agency doesn’t have an employee in mind for an open position, they handle posting the job description in appropriate places, like educational job boards, to bring in new candidates. The school can work with the staffing agency to create a job description. This ensures that the job description is exactly what the school is looking for. After the job is posted, the agency will receive applications, figure out who meets the job requirements, and conducts the interviews. The agency hires staff through their system — the employee will not be working directly through the school.

When schools work with staffing agencies, they should ensure the agency specializes in hiring the type of school staff members they’re looking for. General staffing agencies may not have the resources or knowledge to find someone with the right skills and qualifications for the school staff position.

There are endless benefits of schools working with staffing agencies to fill open positions. First and foremost, schools can save a lot of time and resources because they won’t have to look for candidates themselves. The hiring process can take a lot of time and schools often have more pressing matters to deal with. Additionally, staffing agencies have the resources needed to fit the best candidates possible for the job. Through their network and posting sites, they can find the people who are truly right for the job opening. And because the new employee is hired through the staffing agency, the agency is responsible for ensuring the employee works out and finding a replacement if they don’t.

As you can see, working with a staffing agency can be great for schools. So if your school has a job opening that needs to be filled, consider working with a staffing company to ensure you find the best person for the job.