health screenings at schoolThere are a lot of different positions that make up a public school workforce: teachers, counselors, speech therapists, and more. But one position that is often underappreciated is that of a school nurse. School nurses provide invaluable services to students and staff at schools. But many schools don’t have nurses on campus to perform important tasks like health screenings.

So why should every school have a nurse on staff?

Nurses Promote a Healthy Environment:

One of the most important tasks a school nurse has is promoting a healthy environment. This doesn’t just benefit students at school, but the surrounding community as well. By providing health screenings at school, implementing new health policies, and offering education on health subjects, school nurses make the students, staff, and their families healthier. School nurses also serve as a liaison between students, their family members, and healthcare providers when necessary. When school nurses promote healthy and safe practices — at home and at school — the school and the surrounding community can be as healthy and safe as possible.

Provide Health Care Services

When a student or staff member isn’t feeling well, they generally go to the school nurse for help. But if there is no school nurse, students or staff members may have to miss school to go see their physician. School nurses provide direct health care to the students and staff at their schools and can ensure they receive the right treatment. If the nurse doesn’t have the resources to treat the student or staff member in school, they can help them connect with their physician so they get the treatment they need. Overall, school nurses provide extremely valuable health care services.

Should Schools Outsource Nurse Positions?

Oftentimes, schools don’t fill open nurse positions simply because they can’t find someone for the job. Fortunately, working with an educational staffing company will solve this problem. School nurses are needed for a variety of tasks, from holding prescription medications to responding to health emergencies. And with studies showing that 79% of children haven’t seen an eye care provider in the last year, health screenings at school are more important than ever. Hearing screenings, vision screenings, and other health services can make sure the school is truly focusing on student needs. And with a staffing company, schools can ensure they have the right staff on board.

So as you can see, school nurses are extremely important members of the school workforce. From educating to treating to preventing, school nurses provide vital services to promote the well-being of the entire community.