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UTS offers tutoring services during school hours and/or after school. Our tutoring services address unfinished learning and achievement gaps, supplement school curriculum, and provide enrichment to students with high-level learning potential. These services are available year-round.



  • One-hour, live sessions for individual or small group instruction, supported by a proven online curriculum, iReady, by Curriculum Associates.

  • Just-in-time diagnostics identify next steps for individualized, adaptive instruction to promote growth.

  • Scaffolded, multimodal lessons teach and reteach skills and sub skills to support learning using a variety of strategies and activities.

  • Reports include data for growth and standards mastery, and reflect Nevada state standards.

  • Diagnostic reports help identify students that would benefit from tutoring and inform instruction.

  • Reports support instruction via individual item analysis that identifies student’s current ability and next steps for growth.

  • Reports inform tutor and administration of growth and learning gains with both norm-referenced and criterion-referenced data

    • Norm-referenced data compare student performance on the assessment to other students on the same assessment; this is not used to inform instruction.
      Criterion-referenced data identifies student proficiency on grade-level standards

UTS is an approved provider for Arizona’s Achievement Tutoring Program

We provide your Arizona public or charter school student in grades K – 12 with FREE TUTORING SERVICES!

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(Session three ends April 15th, 2024)

  • Includes up to 4 hours of tutoring per week

  • Available in Math or Reading (one subject per six-week session)

  • Flexible scheduling options – after school and/or on weekends

  • Offered virtually, using iReady, a researched and respected assessment and curriculum system

Our tutors are highly qualified, degreed professionals who want to help your student achieve proficiency, gain confidence, and excel!


This program is only being offered now, through August 2024

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