Flexible, Comprehensive, Professional

UTS offers tutoring services during school hours and/or after school. Our tutoring services address unfinished learning and achievement gaps, supplement school curriculum, and provide enrichment to students with high-level learning potential. These services are available year-round.



  • One-hour, live sessions for individual or small group instruction, supported by a proven online curriculum, iReady, by Curriculum Associates.

  • Just-in-time diagnostics identify next steps for individualized, adaptive instruction to promote growth.

  • Scaffolded, multimodal lessons teach and reteach skills and sub skills to support learning using a variety of strategies and activities.

  • Reports include data for growth and standards mastery, and reflect Nevada state standards.

  • Diagnostic reports help identify students that would benefit from tutoring and inform instruction.

  • Reports support instruction via individual item analysis that identifies student’s current ability and next steps for growth.

  • Reports inform tutor and administration of growth and learning gains with both norm-referenced and criterion-referenced data

    • Norm-referenced data compare student performance on the assessment to other students on the same assessment; this is not used to inform instruction.
      Criterion-referenced data identifies student proficiency on grade-level standards

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