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Louis I. Fein, Ph.D.

Louis I. Fein, Ph. D
Louis I. Fein, Ph. DExecutive Director
Speech and Language Pathologist

Executive Director

Dr. Fein is a certified Speech and Language Pathologist, a life member of the American Speech and Hearing Association, with over 45 years of experience as a consultant, diagnostician, author, university professor, classroom teacher, clinician and lecturer. He is a member of the American Counseling Association and has served as the primary educational diagnostician for Catholic schools across the country.

He was a full-time faculty member of the University of Miami’s Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences, where he taught in both the graduate and undergraduate schools and served as Supervisor of Clinical Practicum.  For nine years, he was an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Otolaryngology at the University of Miami School of Medicine. He was a full-time instructor at Miami-Dade College as well, where he was Director of Speech Services, and has served as a special adviser to the New York City Bureau of Speech Improvement.

  • Developer of Stop Stuttering: An Intensive Program for Stutterers
  • Co-author of Releasing Your Child’s Learning Power
  • Author of Tracy Anne Hates to do Homework; a well received children’s book with a message for parents.
  • Co-author of Berman Fein Neurological Screening Test
  • Author of Pre-Assessment for Scotopic Sensitivity in conjunction with Helen Irlen
  • Dr. Fein’s Fein Articulation Screening Test has been adopted for use in school systems throughout the United States and Canada
  • He is an experienced leader in the field of education and is currently listed in Who’s Who

Kathleen Daulton, M.Ed.

Kathleen Daulton, M.Ed.
Kathleen Daulton, M.Ed.Director of Special Education Services
Educator for 50 Years

Director of Special Education Services

Kathleen Daulton has been an educator for 50 years; beginning with 20 years teaching primary, intermediate and junior high. She received Master degrees from Xavier University in School Administration, and Guidance and Counseling. Shortly after, Kathleen began her career as a principal, serving two Catholic schools in Cincinnati and Las Vegas for 30 years. In 1996, Kathleen received the National Catholic Education Principal of the Year Award.

Kathleen has served as Assistant Superintendent for the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, worked on Diocesan Committees, and served for nine years on the Principals’ Advisory Committee to the Superintendent. In addition, she has led workshops at the National Catholic Education Convention and at numerous Catholic elementary schools.

1996 National Catholic Education Principal of the Year Award

Angela Fein

Angela Fein
Angela FeinChief Executive Officer
Chief Executive Officer

Chief Executive Officer

Our CEO, Angela Fein, has a BA in Communications from Indiana University and has worked for UTS for 25 years in different capacities. She currently manages the overall operations, is responsible for all human resources, school contracts, credentialing of all contractors, marketing, and coordination of all testing, reports and meetings. Previously, Angela served as Program Director and was responsible for coordination of guidance counselor program in five states. She developed training protocols and served as a liaison between school administrations and counselors. She started her career with UTS as the National Testing Coordinator and was responsible for coordination of testing programs in ten states and servicing over 250 schools.

Prior to joining UTS, Angela worked as a Program Director for Jaymont Management and the Florida Restaurant Association. She coordinated education efforts for 25 state chapters and conducted trainings for over 5,000 restaurant staff in cooperation with state ATF officials. In her spare time, Angela is a member of several local organizations including the Sun City Women’s Club where she is actively involved in charity activities.