Adding health screenings at school should be a part of every school budget plan. School sensory screenings can help to identify children that are suffering from health sensory problems, and help parents to get them the early intervention that they need to overcome them.

A recent study shows that 25% of school-age children suffer from undiagnosed vision problems that can impact their learning. It is important that schools offer school sensory screening to their students to help identify potential problems.

Consider These Reasons

There are quite a few reasons a school should offer hearing screening and vision screening. Partnering with parents to ensure healthy hearing and vision is a great way to support families. These are the top 3 reasons your school should provide health screenings at school:

  • Health problems can impact learning
  • Early detection can prompt early interventions
  • Convenience

Hearing, vision, and other health problems can greatly impact the ability of the child to learn. A child that struggles to see because they need glasses. It is not unusual for a child that has vision problems to struggle with classroom work. The same is true of a child with hearing impairment.

Health screenings at school can alert the parents that further testing needs to be done. The schools’ role in identifying hearing and vision problems can be vital. The schools’ function is to teach children, which is good for the child is good for the school. Making sure each child has healthy hearing and vision is not only good for the individual child, but it is good for the student body as a whole.

Early Intervention

The sooner a problem is discovered the better. Health screenings at school can be the catalyst for a child to get the glasses that they need or the hearing help that they need to improve their learning capabilities.

Early intervention can help a child to have the tools that they need to succeed in school. School sensory screening is a great way to ensure every child gets the help they need.

Convenience For the Parents

Offering school sensory screenings is an easy way for parents to get the baseline information that they need for their child. Offering health screenings at school not only supports that child but they support the parents as well.

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