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Top 3 Reasons Your Students Need Sensory Screening Every Year

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Adding health screenings at school should be a part of every school budget plan. School sensory screenings can help to identify children that are suffering from health sensory problems, and help parents to get them the early intervention that they need to overcome them. A recent study shows that 25% of school-age children suffer from undiagnosed [...]

Title I: What Is It And What Can It Do For My School?

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Title I of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, authorized by the Every Student succeeds Act (ESSA), offers financial assistance to schools and local educational agencies with a high percentage of children from low-income families. Title I ensures all children meet state academic standards to ensure every student succeeds.   Some of the highlights of the [...]

Essential Vision Screening Facts Parents and Teachers Should Know

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13.5 million children in America suffer from vision problems. Many of these children may not need surgery but will require eyeglasses as a first correction measure. For those who will require eyeglasses but lack insurance, things may be rough as they are three times more likely not to receive the eyeglasses. Regular vision screening in schools is [...]

The Value Of School Sensory Screening, Pinpoint And Treat Vision And Hearing Problems

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The Prevalence Of Vision And Hearing Problems In Children With August being Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month, more attention than ever is being paid to school sensory exams. In the U.S., vision problems affect a fourth of the age demographic between five and seventeen years old, according to the National Commission on Vision and Health. [...]

4 Ways School Counselors Can Help Both Students And Staff

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School counselors are there to help students thrive socially, personally, and academically. Counselors assist students in exploring their college and career options and to help them through emotionally trying times. But school counselors can also help teachers and school staff with the services they provide. Here are four ways school counselors help both students and staff, [...]

School’s Out! Time to Get Ready for Next Year’s Vision and Hearing Screening

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The Importance of Yearly Screenings Schools are known for a lot of things. End of year exams, sports teams and athletic events, parent teacher conference, school dances, and the like. When thinking about getting ready for the next school year, most people (parents, teachers, and students) aren't thinking about vision and hearing tests. Vision and hearing [...]

What Schools Should Know Before Working With a Staffing Agency

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In order to provide their students with the best education possible, schools need to have the right staff members. And while teachers account for about half of the public school workforce, other staff members like guidance counselors, speech therapists, and nurses make up the other 50%. This means school boards have a wide variety of school [...]

3 Common Threats to Children’s Hearing

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As any number of online resources will tell you, hearing loss in children can be caused by a variety of factors. Sometimes these issues can go unnoticed for months, even years, all the while making learning more difficult for the affected individual. Fortunately, sensory screening assessments such as vision and hearing screenings can help detect these [...]

North Carolina Introduces Bill Regarding Mental Health Screenings in Schools

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When it comes to children's health, school sensory screening assessments play an integral role. This is especially true with 20% of teenagers experiencing some level of hearing loss nowadays, which is much higher than in previous years. And while vision and hearing screenings can help detect health problems early on in life, more schools are also [...]

What Does it Mean to Work With an Educational Staffing Company?

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Schools have to hire a wide variety of staff members -- while teachers make up half of the public school workforce, the other 50% of the staff consists of positions like nurses, speech therapists, and guidance counselors. And unfortunately, it's not always easy to find the right people to fill the positions of school staff. This [...]