School counselors are there to help students thrive socially, personally, and academically. Counselors assist students in exploring their college and career options and to help them through emotionally trying times.

But school counselors can also help teachers and school staff with the services they provide. Here are four ways school counselors help both students and staff, and why it may be worth investing in school staffing agencies to have more counselors on hand.


    1. Counselors can help teachers understand their whole student. Teachers may be able to spot red flags, failing grades, or behavioral issues with their students but they don’t have the therapeutical background to help them like they’d want to. School counselors are prepared to assist teachers in gaining a more complete understanding of their students’ difficulties and the issues behind their actions.
    2. Counselors tackle issues before they become a major problem. It’s difficult for teachers to do their jobs well when a student is having trouble in class. Teachers can reach out to counselors about behavioral or language problems in their students to help them tackle these problems before they escalate.
    3. Counselors can work with teachers to provide school-wide solutions. It isn’t always easy to design professional development that meets the needs of the students in your school. Fortunately, counselors and teachers can work together to develop solutions to school-wide issues.
    4. Counselors can help guide a student’s decision-making. When a student repeatedly acts out in class, there’s usually a problem that’s causing it. Teachers may inform a counselor that can work with the student to help them with their decision making. Counselors care capable of helping a child reframe the situation and come up with different behaviors that are in their best interest.


Looking for school staffing agencies?

According to the American School Counselor Association, it’s recommended for schools to have a student-to-counselor ratio of 250:1. However, it can help schools meet student needs to have more trained specialists on hand for counseling services. That’s where the school staffing agencies of the United Testing Service come in.

Whether you need additional school counselors, vision and hearing screening services, or educational staffing, the United Testing Service has your back. To learn more about our student focused services, contact the United Testing Service today.