In order to provide their students with the best education possible, schools need to have the right staff members. And while teachers account for about half of the public school workforce, other staff members like guidance counselors, speech therapists, and nurses make up the other 50%. This means school boards have a wide variety of school staff positions to fill, which can be surprisingly difficult. Fortunately, school staffing agencies can help make hiring a breeze. So let’s take a look at a few important things to know before working with a staffing company.

You need open communication. Communication is key when working with a school staffing agency. School hiring boards will get a large number of possible candidates rather quickly — the staffing agency should be honest about their feedback regarding candidates. In doing this, schools can be better equipped to decide if a person is right for the job or not. Additionally, schools should be open about what exactly it is that the position entails so the staffing agency can do their best to find someone who will be the perfect fit.

Hiring will be pretty fast. One of the many reasons schools decide to work with school staffing agencies is that hiring can happen fairly quickly. This is important if a position opened last minute or if there is a drastic shortage among staff members. Staffing agencies will look at candidate’s profiles, their resumes, and experience before sending them to the school for an interview to eliminate wasted time on candidates that aren’t right for the job. Schools will save a lot of time and resources on interviewing candidates who aren’t qualified or have the right experience.

There’s a reduced risk. There are quite a few risks employers take on when they hire a new employee — taxes, insurance, and following labor laws are just a few. And hiring a new staff member also comes with financial risks if the employee doesn’t work out and has wasted time and resources. Fortunately, working with education staffing agencies can mitigate these risks. Staffing agencies generally take responsibility for employees who are hired through them, which means they’ll make sure they’re the best fit possible.

All in all, there are several benefits to working with a school staffing agency. But schools should keep this information in mind so they can have a positive and productive experience.