Child Eye TestAs an educator, you’re no doubt aware of the benefits of early identification and treatment of speech, hearing, and vision disorders in school aged children. It’s a service that not only benefits children and parents, it also benefits administrators and teachers. Our comprehensive vision and hearing screening program will enable you to uncover potential problems in these areas at no cost to your school, and at a considerable savings and convenience to parents.

Screening Procedures

  • Speech is individually screened using standardized articulation testing to determine if a child’s speech is within normal limits for his or her age.

  • Hearing is individually screened using audiometric equipment; screening from 500 to 4000 cycles.

  • Vision is individually screened using telebinocular equipment to check for visual acuity, far and near point, as well as visual development in areas such as muscle balance, color discrimination, fusion and depth perception utilizing parts of the Keystone Visual Skills Test.

Testing is done on the school premises, in any room you choose to designate. Your school is provided with Parent Consent Forms two weeks prior to the scheduled screening date to be sent home to the parents. Parents indicate if they would like their child screened. Results are sent directly to parents in approximately three weeks. A summary report of our findings is also sent to the school.

Screening Guidelines

UTS carries liability insurance. All screenings are individually administered. Testing is performed by paid professionals. UTS does not use unpaid students or volunteers to screen children. UTS only uses ASHA recommended screening procedures for hearing.

Areas We Currently Offer Sensory Screening

  • Las Vegas

  • Orange County

  • Washington DC

  • Florida (entire state)

  • Virginia (entire state)

  • Maryland (entire state)

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