When budgets are cut and staff reductions are necessary, many school districts begin to explore different educational staffing possibilities. While no district wants to lose any of their school workforce, it’s important to think about what is best for the school as a whole. One solution that provides a happy outcome for everyone is outsourcing. More schools around the world are choosing to outsource their staff, particularly school nurses. In times like these, different educational staffing possibilities may need to be considered; choosing to outsource nurse positions can be extremely beneficial for the needs of many districts.

Why Are School Nurses Important?

Nurses are one of the many essential members of a school workforce. Without nurses, students would have no one to turn to when they get injured or feel unwell. Nurses not only provide direct health care to students and staff, but they also provide necessary health screenings. This is especially important, seeing as how the National Commission on Vision and Health shows that one in four kids between the ages of five and 17 has some level of vision problems. Furthermore, school nurses promote overall safety and health by educating students and staff about healthy habits. As a healthcare expert, nurses are looked to for guidance regarding any sort of health concerns. If a school doesn’t have nurses available, they would be subjecting their students to decreased health and wellbeing as well as decreased knowledge of basic health care. It’s clear that nurses play a vital role in schools.

Benefits of Outsourcing School Nurses

One of the biggest benefits of outsourcing school nurse positions is that the district has the opportunity to save money. While money shouldn’t be the only factor when making this decision, reducing spending on district-hired nurses could allow schools to put funds to work elsewhere. When positions are outsourced, the district is no longer responsible for paying time off, providing benefits, or finding substitutes. This can reduce both financial and organizational stress. Without having to worry whether an on-staff nurse will be available to come to school or not, staff can continue focusing on student needs. Overall, choosing to outsource school staffing of nurses can ensure the school has a qualified nurse ready to help students in need without the added stress of pay and management.

While school districts may be hesitant to take different educational staffing possibilities into consideration, outsourcing is beneficial for the school as a whole. School budget plans can be utilized more easily and the school still has access to a trained and welcoming professional. If your district is struggling to balance both a budget and the wellbeing of those in the school community, this could be a much-needed solution.