Both private and public education administrators are always concerned with labor expenses. Labor costs are the biggest long-term expense item of any school budget plan. Because of this, when it comes time to make the school staffing plan, administrators often begin questioning the need for every position. Unfortunately, schools are often faced with having to make budget cuts due to the lack of education funding. However, it is possible to create a school staffing plan and still manage to continue to fill staff positions. This article is going to discuss what a school staffing plan should include for any type of educational institution.

Document the goals and responsibilities of each department
A detailed document for each department explaining what it does and what its assets are is important to be able to see which departments are receiving proper staff and funding.

Figure out how many employees are necessary to satisfy a department’s needs
Unfortunately, no matter how hard a department fights to get more staff, it all boils down to funding. And it can be hard to make sacrifices to complete staffing to fit inside budget plan. But by figuring out how much of the budget can be allocated to each department, the staffing plan can be sure to fill all necessary and available positions in each department.

Decide which positions can be outsourced through educational staffing agencies
Sometimes, it can be hard to find the right employees to fill open positions within an educational institute. Luckily, there are different education staffing possibilities. By choosing to outsource certain positions, the school staffing plan will be ensuring positions are filled with highly-qualified candidates. It’s not always easy to find staff members, leaving a shortage of employees. With the American School Counselor Association recommending 250:1 as the student-to-counselor ratio, along with additional staffing recommendations, it’s important to ensure students have the right amount of staff members to fill their needs. Outsourcing staff positions to a qualified educational staffing agency will allow schools to ensure their staff are qualified and can exceed school expectations.

Making a school staffing plan can be complicated and overwhelming. However, by taking it slow, ensuring all department needs are considered, an outsourcing positions when possible, educational institutions are sure to have a great staff on board.