Budget cuts have become the norm for many schools in the United States. There are a number of reasons for this, but increasing labor costs and funding cuts are among the most often discussed. But there is a third reason that is often overlooked. Today’s public schools are host to a number of specialized employees who see to only one small element of a student’s well being. For smaller private schools, it can be hard to hire trained specialists while also staffing to fit inside a budget.

Fortunately, education staffing agencies exist to help schools offer these service without overwhelming the school budget plan. In this post, we’ll look at some of the best positions to consider hiring through such an agency to balance your student’s needs and financial realities.

    1. Guidance Counselor: Guidance counselors provide an important function in schools. They can help students who have behavioral, emotional, or even academic problems find their footing. Still, a smaller school may not be able to afford a full-time guidance counselor. Many schools find that hiring an independent contractor to visit their school one or two days a week is more than sufficient for their needs.


    1. Special Education Teachers: Special education costs are rising in public and private schools alike. As we develop a clearer understanding of the various ways learning can be impaired, the number of students who require assistance grows. If you do not have the infrastructure or funds set aside in your school budget plan, then it may be wise to hire outside assistance in managing your special education needs.


    1. Speech Therapists: The ability to speak clearly and without impediment is vitally important. For the rest of your student’s lives, they will be judged by their ability to communicate. That’s why it’s so important to offer speech therapy to help correct issues like lisping or stuttering. By working with a company to bring speech therapists into your school you will be able to offer this valuable instruction.


  1. School Psychologists: A psychologist is an essential member of your school staff. Deep psychological insight can help students see the root of major issues and help teachers and administrators identify a healthy way to overcome these issues. Most small schools can benefit from a full time school psychologist, but this option allows schools to bring a professional in when necessary.

Hiring independent contractors to fulfill specialized student needs of your school can have a tremendous impact on your students’ well being and your school budget plan. Remember, 50% of school staffing is made up of non-teachers who work in the capacities similar to those above.