Education is the cornerstone of the American Dream. Education provides the means to make a living, purchase a home, and live in comfort. So when it comes to making their way through the educational system, it’s important for students to have the proper guidance they need to do so. And that’s where school counselors come in.

School counselors are an integral part of nationwide school staffing. When it comes to student needs, these trained specialists are 100% student focused. If a student has a question about their career path or their school experience, they can turn to these professionals instead of inadequate online resources.

Here are just a few more reasons school counselors are so important as a resource in the educational system.

Student Support
As previously mentioned, school counselors provide an excellent source of support for students. The American School Counselor Association recommends a 250:1 student to counselor ratio so that each student receives adequate support from their designated counselor.

Parent and Guardian Support
School counselors are just as important for parents and guardians as they are for students. In fact, one of the biggest benefits of this relationship is that school counselors can facilitate parent-teacher consultations to ensure that everyone is working toward the same goal and that everyone is equally informed as to a student’s challenges and educational needs.

Teacher Support
Just as school counselors can help students and parents, they can be a valuable resource for teachers. In terms of nationwide school staffing, school counselors fulfill a vital role and round out a school’s staff. They can help teachers plan classroom activities, assess the educational needs of certain students, and share resources to help teachers better manage their own classrooms. In addition, they can provide much-needed backup for teachers during field trips, outdoor activities, and other exercises where students are spread over a wide area.

School counselors are some of the most important and versatile individuals a school staff can have. Not only are they a valuable resource for students, they can help teachers and parents as well. Don’t underestimate the importance of hiring school counselors to round out your staff.