Each year, you and your staff must make recommendations concerning the academic placement of the students in your school. Information about a child’s intellectual ability can be of tremendous value in assuring appropriate placement and setting realistic academic goals.

Children ages three and older can be screened, using the Slosson Intelligence test. The SIT is a highly reliable, valid instrument whose scores correlate closely with the Stanford-Binet and the WISC-R Scales. Utilization of this test allows us to measure the mental abilities of each child quickly and efficiently. All children are tested individually by our trained examiner.

Your school is provided Parent Consent Forms to distribute to parents two weeks prior to the testing date and parents indicate if they would like to have their child tested. This information is of great value to parents and enables them to define existing learning problems, to understand their child’s potential for long-term development and to identify children whose performance is inconsistent with their ability. Intelligence testing can also discover children at either end of the intellectual scale; the gifted child as well as the slow learner. This comprehensive intelligence screening program has the potential to decrease the number of academic problems in your school, at no cost to your school and at a considerable savings and convenience to parents.

A computer analyzed report will be sent to the parents within three weeks of the screening date. A copy of that report will be sent to the school as well. The report of our findings include a Mental Age, an IQ range, Stanine, expected grade achievement level, as well as performance in areas such as information, comprehension, arithmetic, vocabulary, and auditory memory.

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